Plenary Conference PHSS 2017: A Tribute to the Russian Democratic Revolution of February 1917 and to the Romanian Revolution of December 1989. The Falsification of History

Friday, 26 May 2017, 10.15-11.15
Senate Room, 2nd Floor, Building AAdrian Niculescu

Keynote speaker: Assoc. Prof. ADRIAN NICULESCU

Faculty of Political Sciences, National School of  Political Science and Public Administration

PhD of Paul Valéry – Montpellier III University (2002), political refugee in France (July 1983-1989), grantee of the Italian Institute for Historical Studies “B. Croce”, Napoli (1984-1986), professor of Università Cattolica di Milano (1985-1996), correspondent of Free Europe Radio (1984-1996).

Initiator and Vice-president of the National Institute for the Memory of the Romanian Exile (INMER), secretariat de stat în cadrul Guvernului României (2003-2005),  Member of the Scientific Council of the Romanian Revolution Institute (July 2010-), Vice-commissioner of Instituto Nazionale per la Storia del Risorgimento Italiano (2002-2012), Chevalier of the Order Stella della Solidarietà Italiana (2004), the Medal of Honor “Friend of the Jewish Communities of Romania” (August 2016), Vice-President of The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile (February 2017-).

Books: Martor al Istoriei: Emil Ghilezan de vorbă cu Adrian Niculescu, ALL Publishers, 1998; Din Exil, după Exil, Univers Publishers, 1998; Aux racines de la démocratie roumaine – Pruncul Român, premier journal libre roumain, chonique de la Révolution valaque de 1848, Clusium Publishers, 2008; De la limes-ul lui Fokas la granița lui Eminescu – Studii de istorie, Clusium & Scriptor Publishers, 2009.

Co-authored books: Violările Drepturilor Omului în Epoca Ceausescu, Roma, 1989; Romania – Geografia e Storia, Roma, 2010.

 Domains of interest: History of Romania, History of Post-war World, Memory of Exile


Further details on the conference events will be available soon.


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