Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee (2021 edition):

Dr. Anca-Diana BIBIRI (coordinator)
Dr. Emanuel GROSU


Seventh edition, Interdisciplinarity as Aggregator (28 October 2020): Dr. Anca-Diana Bibiri

Sixth edition, Interdisciplinarity – An Umbrella Term? (17-18 May 2019): Dr. Andreea Mironescu

Fifth edition, Mapping Digital Futures (23-24 May 2018): Dr. Anca-Diana Bibiri

Fourth edition, Revolutions, the Archeology of Change (26-27 May 2017): Dr. Emanuel Grosu

Third edition, Figures of Migration (19-20 May 2016): Dr. Andreea Mironescu

Second edition, From Manuscript to E-book (29-30 May 2015): Dr. Camelia Grădinaru

First edition (23-24 May 2014): Dr. Camelia Grădinaru, Dr. Andreea Mironescu, Dr. Roxana Patraș


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