Our Aims

PHSS: Interdisciplinary Integration and Knowledge Transfer in Humanities

(PHSS: Integrare interdisciplinară și transfer de cunoștințe în științele umaniste)

is a functional research group, created through free association of several researchers from the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Department, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi.

Camelia Grădinaru (CS III dr./ Researcher)
Roxana Patraș (CS II dr. / Researcher)
Andreea Mironescu (CS dr. / Researcher)
Anca-Diana Bibiri (CS dr. / Researcher)
Emanuel Grosu ( CS III dr. / Researcher)

Type of Coordination: Agile management (annual leadership of one of the group-members)

Grounded on the basic principles of the European Charter of Researchers, PHSS: Interdisciplinary Integration and Knowledge Transfer in Humanities contributes to the advancement and establishment of interdisciplinary methodologies in humanities: formation of mixt teams, optimization of researchers’ mobility, access to medium and high research infrastructure. Our group aims to implement the concept of the “interdisciplinary humanities”, which is already tested within the curricula of USA and European universities.

Through our activities (conferences, workshops, round-tables, and small-group discussions), our target is to crossbreed various types of academic discourse-staging. Departing from these objectives, we organise annually the conference PERSPECTIVES IN HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES: HINTING AT INTERDISCIPLINARITY. The conference addresses the following categories of researchers: junior researchers, middle-career researchers, senior researchers, as well as academic project managers. We also welcome students who are beginning to pursue their MA or PhD degrees; their research projects can be discussed within larger discussion groups and round-tables.

Within the broader frame of interdisciplinary approaches, we are trying to create a larger platform for academic debates and information exchange. We endeavour to facilitate academic networking for young research teams and to encourage cross-institutional collaboration. The dialogue of individual approaches can be also a good starting point for future partnerships.


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